Tinder for friendships

Making friends as an adult can be more difficult than you think.  Maybe that’s because the older you get, the worse people become.  Smiling or talking to a stranger is considered weird.  I will be honest and say I contribute to this hateful world.  If you’re some random person on the street smiling at me, I’m going to think you’re fucking weird.  Though there is ONE and ONLY exception: if you’re a child, it’s stinkin’ cute! Women can be some real bitches sometimes.  We all judge each other and ourselves in harsh ways.  It can be hard to break into a tight circle of friends.  Female friendship in my opinion is really important for a healthy balance.  We are social beings.  We need each other to lift our spirits during troubled times and sync up our blood flow.

Apparently it is so difficult to make female friends that a new app has been created… a tinder-like app.


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