Are we being looked over?

What does it mean to be Generation Y?  What’s the difference between Generation Y and Millennials?  According to every news and media source I’ve searched, there is no difference.  I highly disagree.  I was born in 1989 and refuse to be categorized and stereotyped as a millennial.  They are the worst!  But what’s worst is that Generation Y doesn’t even exist!  We are were the hipsters that were wearing flannel and drinking craft cocktails before it was cool.  Millennials try to be us but they ain’t us.  We know the real struggle of T9 texting and blowing into our Nintendo game cartridges.  We were heartbroken to find out that Pluto wasn’t a planet and  that Christopher Columbus didn’t in fact discover America.  These are few things that separate us twenty somethings from the almost twenty somethings.  I’m a Gen Y-er and I’m better than you.


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