Break ups are never easy

Relationships are hard but breaking them sometimes can be harder.  There may never seem like a good time to do them but its best if you do them properly.  Gather your thoughts, talk it through like grown-ass adults and move on.  That’s way easier said then done but it’s necessary.

But this isn’t about how to break up with someone.  This is about what is suggested you do after your breakup.  Good friends can help lift your spirits… so don’t fuck them over when you’re in a relationship!  Too many times have I seen my friends disappear when they were booed up.  Call your friends and cry it over some delicious brownies and ice cream.  Be sure to get it all out!  Getting out your feelings is a good thing!  Though, enough is enough… once your friends heard your sap, they’ll move on so you better too!  DO NOT IMMEDIATELY GET YOURSELF INTO ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP!  There is nothing wrong with being single.  In fact, this is your opportunity to improve yourself and re-explore your hobbies and interests.  When you do things you enjoy, people will enjoy you!

E-harmony has an article about things you should not do after a breakup.


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