Post grad life stereotype: Living with your parents in the basement

I did this and I’m not ashamed.  In fact, I feel blessed.  Getting the chance to live with my parents right after graduation was a great way for me to get a fresh start on life.  Not having to worry about bills really helped me build my savings account.  Eating home-cooked meals after 4 years of ramen and microwavables was delicious nourishment.  Recently, living at home after graduation has started to become a “phenomenon” !  I guess moving in with significant others has been decreasing since getting boo-ed up in one place is becoming less of a trend.  Which I agree… take your damn time!  Too many times have I seen couples move in together too quickly.The move in U haul quickly becomes a move out U haul.  If you’ve got a good relationship with your parents, I say, “Move in!”  You get to spend time figuring what you want to do, prepping your resume, and finding your career (rather than just a job).  alexis_bledel_1285002946.jpg


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